Automatically route tickets to the best suited agent A Zendesk plugin that finds best fit between a support ticket and an agent using a personalized AI model

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Accelerate ticket life cycle

Tickets travel through the system faster. Your customers get their solution sooner.

TicketFlip - Accelerate ticket life cycle
fig. Model Performance — Brief overview of model accuracy and category distribution on a historical data sample. Tickets can get assigned to an agent, delegated if the agent isn’t available or left unassigned if the model confidence is below the desired threshold.

Shorten response and resolution time

Tickets are automatically processed and assigned to the person best equipped to deal with each issue.

TicketFlip - Accelerate ticket life cycle
fig. Threshold Setup — Adjustable between loose and very strict. “Loose” minimizes the number of unassigned tickets while “Exact” minimizes assignment mismatch.

Reduce workload

Support agents spend less time sifting through tickets. They spend more time helping customers.

TicketFlip - Reduce workload
fig. Agent Overview — Model Performance broken down by agent. Simulates the workload and performance based on historical tickets.

How it works

1 uses historical data of resolved tickets and creates a personalized ML model


Incoming support tickets are analyzed in the real-time


AI calculates the probability of domain expertise for every support agent


The ticket is assigned to the best support agent based on chosen configuration settings



Per agent per month

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“ is a life saver for us. Before we had to have a dedicated person to assign support tickets to our engineers - which was both a waste of time and money. Now knows which tickets are who's, and assigns it right away.

No need to wait - as soon as a customer sends a request assigned it to the correct engineer and solving it can begin. Which makes both our team and customers happy.

Ivan Burazin - CEO at Codeanywhere
Ivan Burazin

Frequently asked questions

Do all my agents need to use

No, you can deactivate any agents within that do not need access to the app.

You can install from Zendesk marketplace.

It is fully integrated into Zendesk – it takes a few minutes to install it and start using right away. is a Zendesk application and it can be bought through Zendesk Marketplace.

After finding our application there, you can install it and activate your 30-day free trial period. You will have to leave credit card details to Zendesk for further payments, as our application is charged per agent per month.

Each month we automatically send an email to the Zendesk administrator who installed the app containing that month’s invoice.

The email will also contain a secure link to your billing portal where you can download a complete history of your invoices and update who receives the automatic monthly email.

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